Bioeconomy Forum «Towards a Sustainable and Innovative Bioeconomy»

Bioeconomy Forum «Towards a Sustainable and Innovative Bioeconomy» took place on March 9, 2017 at the Green Technology Incubator, Riga, Pulka Street 3/3.

The aim of the Bioeconomy Forum was to highlight the venues for innovation that bioeconomy provides. In order to illustrate it, various institutional representatives from Baltic, Nordic and EU institutions shared their insights into innovation and development within bioeconomy that this region provides:

“Bioeconomy in Europe – Hype or reality? Perspectives for the Baltic” by Christian Patermann, Former Director of the European Commission DG Research

“Overview on how sustainability has been and should be addressed at global and national levels” by Olivier Dubois, Leader, Energy Programme Climate, Energy and Tenure Division, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

 “Towards joint Nordic bioeconomy strategy: the rationale for it and expected outcomes for entrepreneurs” by Geir Odsson, Nordic Council of Ministers

“Bio-based Industries Joint Understating: State of play and perspectives” by Philippe Mengal , Executive Director, Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking

"The Bio-Based Industries Consortium - Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda and collaborations” by Suzy Renckens, Bio-based Industries Consortium

 “Finnish experience in speeding up bioeconomy businesses” by Mika Aalto, Head of Division, Ministry of Employment and the Economy

“PAPTIC – developing consumer driven bioeconomy products” by Tuomas Mustonen, Founder, Managing Director at Paptic

”Bioeconomy as a driver for regional development” by Kristaps Rocans, Vidzeme Planning Region

”Forest-based Bioeconomy: research in RTU” by Dagnija Blumberga, Riga Technical University

”Wrap-up of the forum and the next steps in developing bioeconomy strategy” by Aleksejs Nipers, Latvia University of Agriculture

The forum ensured increased awareness of various innovation endeavors across the region, as well as foster cross-sectoral collaboration among institutions from various sectors.

The Baltic countries has great potential in terms of renewable biological resources, here is powerful scientific potential, business opportunities and a creative society, who appreciate innovations. These processes play an important role in development of the Bioeconomy Strategy.

In the last year the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia in collaboration with the Latvia University of Agriculture, Riga Technical University and the Ministry of Agriculture has organized a series of measures to support development of the Bioeconomy Strategy in Latvia, which is due by June 30, 2017.  Bioeconomy Forum was organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers Latvian Office, Ministry of Agriculture and the Green Technology Incubator.